If you’ve listened to a few of the episodes and would like to have a chat about being on a show, do get in touch. You can reach me on here through the contact form, there are links to my whatsapp and email and I will get back to you, in the meantime here are some of the common questions;-

What will happen

We will arrange a date and time to meet online and have a chat. To help you prepare for it I will send you a list of topics or ideas to think about to help you start to remember about long forgotten dates, people and places. The recording process takes up to two hours.

Do I need any equipment
You will need a laptop/computer with a camera and microphone and a decent internet connection. it will be really useful if you have headphones that you can connect via a wire to the laptop – this helps remove any echo on the recording. if you have your own microphone you can also use this but its not impertive.

How will it be recorded
I use Zoom to record the session – whilst we will talk on camera as this makes it more friendly I only record the audio. I will send you a link to the zoom call from my account and you will join the call at the alotted time. I will help you to alter a couple of settings in zoom to make the audio a better quality.

Do I need to use my name
You do not have to use your real name, I am happy to call you whatever you want.

Are there any photos or videos
I do not record the video and will not use any imagery of you from the recording session. You may wish to send photos in to go with the supporting blog post and social media and i will use those with your permission

Can I remain anonymous
I cannot change your voice but I will not use your real name or location if you would prefer not to.

Do I need to sign anything
Before we start I will ask you to sign the release form that can be found here.

Do you make money
I do not make any money on this podcast, it is purely a hobby from years of working in and around the LGBT community and community radio. I have self-funded everything to date.

What will you ask me
we will have a chat about dating, coming out and being gay throughout your life, we can use the ideas and notes I send you beforehand but we will talk about wherever that goes as we sit and chat, there is no definite script or formula, each show is unique.

What cant I talk about
Whilst we arent regulated by any laws or OFCOM so you can talk about anything that you like (whether legal, illegal or what might generally be classed as distateful) we wont slander or libel anyone and if you do I reserve the right to edit that out from the published episode.

Tell me about the editing
We will record for around 2 hours, but each episode is about 1 hour long so not everything you tell me will make it. The idea for the podcast is to talk about dating in the past so this will take preference over other content so dont be suprised if recent events are sometimes edited out.